Mike  &  Will's  Helpful  SmartSpec™ Tips

WARNING: Beyond this point you may find EXTREMELY helpful tips concerning how to use the Spectrophotometer to get your project done right!

Be sure to BLANK the spec — blanking the spec shows the machine what to compare sample readings with, and if it is not blanked to 0.00 cells/ ml, your sample readings will be inaccurate.


It's essential that the cuvette is shaken immediately before it is placed into the spec for a reading, whether it be the blank or the actual sample.  This can be done by stretching parafilm across the opening and shaking vigorously between the thumb and index finger.

Be sure the smooth side of the cuvette is placed in-line with the arrows on the spec.  The spec will yield inaccurate readings if this important step is not followed.

If the spec yields a negative concentration of bacteria (i.e. -1.6e7 cells/ml) then the bacteria has probably settled toward the bottom of the cuvette, or the sample has been allowed to sit too long, resulting in cell death.



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