Think You Have It Figured Out? 

Follow  This  Printable  "Techie  Check  List"  To  Make  Sure  That  Your  SmartSpec™  Session  Goes  Smoothly

Turned on the SmartSpec™ at least 10-15 minutes before use

For both "blank" and sample readings, fill each cuvette with exactly 3 ml of solution

Wipe off the outsides of any  and every  cuvette used for testing in the SmartSpec™

With parafilm in place, shake each cuvette before taking a reading

Keep each cuvette covered with parafilm while it is not being read in the SmartSpec™

Double-checked the positioning of each cuvette to make sure that the smooth sides are in line with the directional arrows on the SmartSpec™

Blank the SmartSpec™ before taking any sample readings

Print your "techie ticket" which displays the "blank" cuvette's optical density as well as the progression of dilutions and final optical density