Course Materials


          The text for the course is the Light and Matter Series by Benjamin Crowell. PASCO's DataStudio with computer-interfaced sensors and VideoPoint are used to collect and analyze data in the physics lab. Interactive Physics2005 and PEARLS 3.0 (Physics Electronic Academic Reference Library for Simulation) allow students to apply concepts that cannot be explored in the high school physics lab or to check problems by setting up and running simulations of real situations on the computer. A flash drive that includes pdf versions of all six books in the Light and Matter Series is provided to each student. The six books in the series are: Newtonian Physics, Conservaton Laws, Vibrations and Waves, Electricitiy and Magnetism, Optics, and The Modern Revolution in Physics. They are available online at Additional resources are also available through web sites on the Internet. Students are required to have a calculator, protractor, metric ruler, graph paper, and a notebook for organizing notes, lab reports, homework and other physics assignments.