†††† †††† Since students are learning physics through active participation in class activities, attendance is an extremely important factor in determining success. Students must be in class on time to utilize maximum instructional time. The instructor records all tardiness and absences. Students are allowed one excused tardy per six weeks. One point is deducted from a studentís final six-week grade for each unexcused absence and each unexcused tardy.

†††††††††Students are responsible for making up any work missed during an absence. If the absence is for only one day, then any work due on the day the student was absent is due at the beginning of class the day the student returns to school. For example, if absent on the day of a test, then the student must make-up the test the next day. For longer absences, make arrangements with the instructor for catching up missed work. This also includes lab work. Long-term assignments are due as scheduled. For any pre-arranged absences students are expected to turn work in on time or the day before the absence.