Evaluation of Student Performance

    Emphasis is on acquiring and applying basic concepts and skills to learn about physical phenomena. Evaluation is based on reading quizzes and notes turned in at the beginning of each unit of study, active classroom participation during each unit, laboratory investigations, homework application problems, tests that include problem solving and conceptual questions, and personal assessments at the middle and end of each six weeks. The semester grade is the average of the numerical grades for the three six weeks and the semester exam.

    The instructor will maintain an individual folder for each student's tests and copies of reading notes (one page summary per each unit). Periodically the student and the instructor will briefly meet to discuss his/her progress in the course. Students will be permitted to use the notes from their folders when taking tests. Students will also be given time to update or correct any notes in the folder before the next test, but may not remove or replace the notes already in the folder.

    Unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor, all work must be turned in on time to receive full credit. Late assignments, unless specified on the assignment description, receive half credit if one day late and zero credit if more than one day late. Some late work receiving zero credit, such as reading notes, must still be turned in for placement in the student's folder for use on tests.

    To encourage effective communication formats for writing lab reports and for presenting solutions to problems will be discussed and developed in class. Any improperly formatted or indecipherable work is not acceptable. It must be revised and turned in late.

Six Weeks Grade Determination 

      Six-week grades are determined as follows: total points earned / total possible points x 100%. Letter grades are then assigned based on the following scale:

Grading Scale


100 - 90%


89 - 80%


79 - 70%


69 - 60%


less than 60%


     Usually there will be 5-7 reading quizzes and notes (RQN) @ 4 points, 5-7 class participation activities (CP) @ 3 points, 5-7 homework assignments (HW) @ 4 points, 4-6 laboratory investigations @ 10 points, 2 tests @ 30 points, and 2 personal assessments @ 1-2 points.