CVGS Reopening Plan (Fall 2020)

The CVGS Reopening Plan has two major components, the CVGS Infection Risk Mitigation Plan and the CVGS Instructional Plan. Both of these plans are subject to revision as more information and guidance becomes available, and the CVGS Director, Dr. Stephen Smith, will be happy to address questions and receive input from students, parents, and community members at When updates to the CVGS Reopening Plan (Fall 2020) are necessary, they will be posted on our website and then shared with students and their families by email and through our automated calling system.

CVGS Infection Risk Mitigation Plan (Fall 2020) 

CVGS Instructional Plan (Fall 2020) 

These two plan components include links to a number of resources, many of which are on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Virginia Department of Health (VDH) websites. In addition to CDC and VDH resources, parents and students might be interested in viewing the following:

Guidance for CVGS Students (Fall 2020)

CVGS 2020-21 Academic Calendar with Lab Weeks Highlighted

CVGS Hybrid Model (Fall 2020)

Video Overview of the Scheduling Template (Fall 2020)

CVGS Reopening Plan (Fall 2020) FAQ

CVGS Daily Health Screening Form

Adding a Shortcut on an iPhone

CVGS Fabric Masks Video

CVGS Map with Temp Screen Kiosks and Movement Plan

CVGS Fully Online Plan