I just want to thank you for the terrific service your DIGSTATS site provides! Your examples and descriptions in the site have been so helpful. When the terms start to get muddled in my mind, I head on over to DIGSTATS, and think, "Okay, I got it now."
Heather Langdon, Appalachian State University

I request permission to link your site to my virtual high school site. I love the activities at the site and have used them in my classroom for two years, off-line. Now I would like to extend the opportunity on-line to my virtual students next fall.
Betsey Davis, Mathematics Teacher

Good Morning. I am a Probability and Statistics instructor at the US Air Force Academy. I am interested in some of your applications. More specifically, I am interested in using the t-test for the difference in means in the Ohio State football example. Do you know what units the data were measured in, because the distances seem quite short. Thank you for your consideration,
Capt. W. Heath Rushing

Please tell Tom Morgan how much I appreciate the web site, DIGSTATS. All of it has helped me tremendously. I am attending Robert Morris College in Pittsburgh, PA, and this school doesn't have any kind of tutoring or assistance for Algebra or Statistics courses.
J.D. Kozek

I was attaching your site as a link from my home page. I am mailing to find out if this is okay. I am a math teacher and am planning on having my students work through your statistics activities. That is why I linked it to my site.
Matt Evancho, Freedom High School, Bethlehem Area School District

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