Founders’ Scholarships Campaign

The Central Virginia Governor’s School (CVGS) Foundation is excited to announce a three-year fundraising campaign to endow a new pair of merit and need-based scholarships at CVGS. Once endowed, these two $10,000 annual awards, which will be called the Founders’ Scholarships, will honor Dr. Tom Morgan and Dr. Cheryl Lindeman, the two creative and dedicated program pioneers who founded CVGS back in 1985.

In order to endow these scholarships so that the annual disbursement of $20,000 is sustainable perpetually, our goal is to raise at least $400,000 over the next three years. Our fundraising for this program will begin this fall and conclude in the summer of 2024. At that time we will have a special ceremony to recognize Dr. Morgan and Dr. Lindeman and celebrate achieving our goal! The announcement of the first two Founders’ Scholarship winners will occur during the 2025 CVGS Recognition Ceremony and coincide with the 40th anniversary of the founding of the program. Then, each year, we will continue to award these two $10,000 scholarships, honoring and supporting two exceptional CVGS seniors while also recognizing all that was accomplished by Dr. Morgan and Dr. Lindeman during their years of service to this program and its students.

And as if this weren’t exciting enough, we have some amazing news to share! CVGS has already received the first donation in support of the Founders’ Scholarships, an upfront matching gift of $200,000! This gift was given by a CVGS graduate who recognizes how important attending CVGS was to him and how deserving Dr. Morgan and Dr. Lindeman are of this honor. Given this kind of head start, we are completely confident we will not only meet our goal, we will exceed it! For every $20,000 we raise in excess of our goal, we will be able to award another $1,000 per year in scholarship funds! Let’s commit to making the Founders’ Scholarships as powerful as possible!

We called each of our honorees this summer and asked for permission to move forward with this idea. While they were both surprised and humbled to have a scholarship in their honor, they enthusiastically support two larger scholarships for hardworking CVGS students.

Cheryl LindemanTom Morgan

Dr. Morgan shared this message for all our CVGS alumni and their families: “Dreams are not accomplished without support! Please support the Founder’s Scholarship campaign with a generous donation. It is my dream that annually, two more talented, deserving CVGS students will get the support they need to pursue their college dreams!”

Dr. Lindeman said,“It is truly an honor to be recognized for our work realizing the dream of the original planning and partnership boards during the early days of Central Virginia Magnet School. Together with our students, faculty, and community partners, we forged ahead to transform the way science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curricula were taught. Over the decades our graduates have been remarkably successful, with many stepping up to face STEM challenges and demonstrating leadership in their chosen careers. Central Virginia Governor’s School continues to be a special community of learners, a community that develops transformative leaders who are willing to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

So now we are asking you, as a current or former member of the CVGS community, to consider the impact of your experiences at CVGS. If your family is able, we encourage you to make a pledge to “pay it forward” to future CVGS students while also honoring two very deserving educators. All donations pledged toward this three-year campaign will be invested, and only the proceeds will be disbursed. In this way, the effect of each donation, regardless of its size, will be magnified to benefit CVGS students year after year. In addition, pledges of $2,000 or more will qualify for a block on the CVGS Foundation Donor Recognition Wall, which will allow your family to serve as an inspiration for future CVGS families. Please join us in this exciting new campaign and, as always, we thank you for your support of the Governor’s School!


If you have any questions about the campaign, or if you would like to help us spread the word to others who attended CVGS at the same time you did, please call (434) 515-5480 or email