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Math Analysis schedule 2nd sem

Math Analysis      Schedule and Course Info     2nd Semester      2016 ̶ 17
Grading for 2nd semester:
Projects           15%
Homework      5%
Tests               55%
Exam              25%
The 9-week grade you receive is simply a progress report of your semester grade.
Some of the important dates for 2nd semester:
Jan 3:  First Day for students
Jan 16, 17:  No school for students (Holiday Monday, Teacher workday Tuesday) Jan 31: Test 1
Feb 6:  No school for students Feb 28: Test 2
Mar 17:  Last day of the 3rd nine-weeks
Mar 20: No school for students Mar 28:  Test 3
April 10 ‒14:  No school (Spring Break)
April 20:  2nd semester Science or Math Exam April 24:  2nd semester Science or Math Exam
May 7:  Annual Recognition Program at 2:00 pm; everyone should attend. May 23:  Test 4
May 26:  Last day of the CVGS school year for students.
Homework assignments will be due the day preceding each test. Also, an assignment will be due a few 
days before our exam.  Additional due dates may occur; they will be announced well in advance.
Note: You should plan on the homework due dates, the exam dates, and the test dates remaining 
fixed, even if we have school cancellations. If a test or exam day is cancelled, the test or exam 
will be the first day we return.