Congratulations to Scholarship Recipients!

Please click the link below to read the article in the News and Advance (from Wednesday, January 21, 2015) about three wonderful Central Virginia Governor's School for Science and Technology students who have been offered full ride scholarships to Ivy League schools for the fall.  Miss Victoria Davidjohn has an offer from Princeton, Mr. Tim Burnette has an offer from Grinnell, and Miss Rebekah Chun has an offer from Harvard.  We are very proud of these capable and hard-working students, and we are delighted to join their families, friends, and other teachers and supporters in congratulating them for this remarkable accomplishment.

Link to News and Advance Story

Please note: Tim Burnette's name ends in an "e," and the increased number of Governor's School slots for the Lynchburg City Schools for 2015-16 is a total of 42, 21 for juniors and 21 for seniors.  Prior to the increase, the Lynchburg City Schools has 32 slots, 16 juniors and 16 seniors.