CVGS During LCS Intersession Days

CVGS is scheduled to be open on Wednesday, Feb 17, Thursday, Feb 18, and Friday, Feb 19.  During these three days, the Lynchburg City Schools (LCS) will be on intersession.  This means that LCS will NOT be making inclement weather phone calls.  They will, however, be posting information about delays or cancellations on these three days to a number of locations.  On these three mornings, students can find information about LCS delays/cancellations at,,, the LCS facebook page, or the LCS voicemail at 515-5080.  As always, if LCS is two hours delayed or cancelled, CVGS is closed for students.  
Regardless of whether LCS and CVGS are open, CVGS families are always asked to please use their best judgement regarding whether it is safe for a student to attend.  
Regarding conditions on site, the upper Heritage High School parking lot is clear, as are the steps and our walkway.  The lower parking lot is also clear, but the lower walkway has standing water which may freeze.  Therefore, since these three days are intersession days and many students will not be at Heritage, CVGS students should plan to park in the upper parking lot to avoid possible icy conditions on the lower walkway.