Annual Bridge Project

Seniors at the Central Virginia Governor’s School participated in our annual Engineering Bridge Project during the first six weeks of the school year.  Students were put into groups and then were able to plan and design a bridge that would span a certain distance based on the route the group chose.  Students researched bridge designs, calculated all the forces that would act on their bridge, created conceptual designs, drew blue prints, provided a cost analysis for their proposed bridge, and even included environmental remediation strategies in their proposal.  Once the proposal was accepted, the group brought the plan to life by constructing a scale model of their bridge.
During the final Friday of the project, students presented their work, including a poster and prepared group presentation, to the student body, parents, and visitors. Each bridge was then stress tested in front of the audience by engineers from the Virginia Department of Transportation to see if the bridge met the load requirements and to determine the final cost of construction. The success of the bridge was based on several components including the proper implementation of the accepted plan, the cost effectiveness of the bridge and the construction process, and the actual load supported before failure.  Thirteen different groups competed this year with two groups emerging as the winners.
The 1st Place team included five students: from Amherst High School, Nick Campbell and Lexi Sale; from EC Glass High School, Virginia Corsini; and from Jefferson Forest High School, Anna Drumheller and Morgan Whitfield.
The 2nd Place team also included five students:  from Appomattox High School, Zane Hall; from Brookville High School, Devika Naphade; from EC Glass High School, Melissa Poletti; from Heritage High School, Sung Min Cho; and from Jefferson Forest High School, Noah Rempfer.
Congratulations to all our students for another great year of bridge building...and breaking!  Photos from the event can be found on our FaceBook Page.