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Video Production

Video Production 


  1. Learn the basic mechanics of taking, editing, and exporting videos.
  2. Learn a large number of editing techniques, such as overlaying sound, text, or other images.  
  3. Design and implement creative videos.
  4. Design and implement useful videos for the school.

Rules to follow:

  1. Only sign-in and out for yourself.
  2. Absolutely no early sign-outs unless you have an approved early dismissal.
  3. Take care of the equipment and return it to its proper place when you are finished.
  4. Do not disturb any academic activities while you are filming; ask for permission if you are in another teacher's room.
  5. Keep the content suitable.

Grading scheme:

  1.  Projects 60%
  2.  Skills 20%
  3.  Attendance and effort 20%.