"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."  - Albert Einstein

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Instructor Dr. Scott Douglass (sdouglass@cvgs.k12.va.us)

Course Materials
The text for the course is the Light and Matter Series by Benjamin Crowell which is a free online resource. There are several online resources that students can access to help answer questions. The six books in the series are: Newtonian Physics, Conservation Laws, Vibrations and Waves, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, and The Modern Revolution in Physics they are available online at http://www.lightandmatter.com/index.html. Additional resources are also available on the internet.

Other resources for lab include Pasco and Data Studio science equipment and software.  We also use modeling-simulation software such as Interactive Physics and Pearls.

Course Description
CVGS physics is a college level introduction using basic calculus and vector analysis to study the particle and wave nature of everyday phenomena. Topics include Newtonian and fluid mechanics, conservation laws, thermodynamics, vibrations and waves, electricity and magnetism, optics, and modern physics. Concepts are explored and applied through hands-on activities and in a computer-based laboratory through investigations requiring data collection and analysis or use of models and computer simulations that show interdisciplinary relationships between physics, life sciences, mathematics, and technology. Development of problem solving, analytical thinking, laboratory, and communication skills is also stressed. The student receives one high school credit for this course.