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Governor's School Foundation
Rising costs coupled with limited funding have prompted many public educational institutions to seek partnerships with individuals and organizations within the private sector in order to enhance the educational opportunities offered to students. The Central Virginia Governor’s School Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation formed to receive contributions from individuals, organizations, businesses, and institutions for the purpose of promoting and enhancing the educational program provided for students by the Central Virginia Governor’s School for Science and Technology EIN: 54-1441933.

The Foundation is governed by a board of trustees who represent each of the five school divisions that participate in the regional Governor’s School. Foundation funds are used to supplement the normal operating budget of the Governor’s School. CVGS could not deliver its current curriculum without the Foundation’s support. Funds are utilized to provide students with college scholarships, access to state-of-the-art technology, in-depth research opportunities, sophisticated laboratory experiences.

The minutes of the CVGS Foundation Board's meetings can be found at the links below.

April 2017

The CVGS Foundation provides funding for two different types of scholarships for CVGS seniors. Seniors are invited to apply for both.  For both scholarships each finalist will be given an opportunity to make a brief presentation to, and answer questions from the scholarship committtee members.  There is only one morning available for presentations and questions, and that is Friday, April 27, 2018.  If a finalist is not able to present and intereview that morning then unfortunately, the panel will not be able to consdier that applicant futher.  Again, all finalists must be present for an interview on April 27, 2018, and unfortunately, these interviews cannot be rescheduled.

Foundation Scholarships ($1,000 each)
The first are the three $1,000 Foundation Scholarships.  These are merit-based scholarships. The CVGS Foundation Scholarship Committee selects the awardees from among all the applicants who complete and submit the application form and required recommendations by the deadline.  A link to the application, as well as another to the recommendation form, follows. 

CVGS Foundation Scholarship Application (includes two pages of recommendation forms)

CVGS Foundation Scholarship Application Recommendation Form

Ann C. Wells Memorial Scholarship for the Advancement of STEM Fields (up to $40,000 each)
There are two scholarships awarded each year, one to a male and to a female. Each scholarship is $10,000 per year, renewable for three additional years for a total of $40,000 each.  These are need-based and merit-based scholarships. The CVGS staff selects the awardees from among all the applicants who complete and submit the required paperwork by the deadline and who meet the financial need and academic guidelines. A link to the background information, another to the application, and a third to the recommendation form, follow.

Ann C. Wells Memorial Scholarship Background and FAQ

Ann C. Wells Scholarship Application Form

Ann C. Wells Scholarship Recommendation Form