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Overview: Partners and Donors

Central Virginia Governor’s School is Thriving
CVGS is in a remarkably strong position as it moves forward toward its 40th anniversary in 2025! At the core of the program's strength is the consistent support we receive from our participating school divisions, our graduates, their families, and our community and business partners. The CVGS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non profit, is an important avenue through which individuals and groups can express their support and appreciation for all that CVGS has done, and continues to do, for its community of learners.

Central Virginia Governor’s School Foundation
The faculty and staff of the Central Virginia Governor's School are grateful to the families and our business and community partners who donate to the CVGS Foundation. Foundation funds support student research projects, student trips to research laboratories and research symposia, access to advanced technologies, and other instructional activities. In addition, the Foundation provides funding for between three and five annual Foundation Scholarships of $1,000 as well as for named scholarships and awards such as the Faculty Award of Excellence, the Brandi Nichols Leadership Award, and the Larbie Mensah Scholarship, each of which also comes with $1,000 for college expenses. Our newest scholarships are the Ann C. Wells Scholarships, two $15,000 scholarships which are each renewable for 3 additional years for a total of $60,000 per student!

In the menu to the left you can find links to:

  1. This overview of the CVGS Foundation,
  2. Information about our brand new Founders' Scholarships, two $10,000 annual awards which will be in honor of the founders of the CVGS program, Dr. Tom Morgan, the founding director, and Dr. Cheryl Lindeman, the founding partnership and internship coordinator. 
  3. Our secure online Donate Now page which includes both PayPal and credit card options,
  4. Our Pledge Form for Mail in Donation so that you can print and complete a pledge to mail in with your donation by check, and
  5. Information about the CVGS Foundation Donor Recognition Wall which still has spaces for donations or pledges equal to or greater than $2,000.

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to the Governor's School Foundation, you may do so using PayPal or a credit card on this site, or you may complete a pledge form and then mail a check. In either case, once your donation is received, you will receive a hardcopy thank you letter that can be used as official documentation for tax purposes. If you choose to submit a pledge form, you will receive annual reminders of your past pledge donations and any remaining scheduled donations.Additional information about the CVGS Foundation, including links to annual reports and important documents, can be found on our CVGS Foundation page.

If you have any questions about any of this information, please contact us at ssmith@cvgs.k12.va.us or at (434) 515-5480.