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Partners and Donors

The faculty and staff of the Central Virginia Governor's School are proud of and grateful to our many community partners and donors.  Partners provide essential placements for our internship programs, assistance with research projects, and many other kinds of program support.  Donors, many of whom are parents of students, alumni, or corporate partners, provide funds for the Governor's School Foundation's Opportunities and Scholarship Endowments.  The Opportunities Endowment supports the maintenance of our Scanning Electron Microscope, awards for our student recognition reception, and provides funding to support research projects, student trips, and other instructional activities.  The Scholarship Endowment provides funding for our three annual Foundation Scholarships of $750 as well as for named scholarships and awards such as the Brandi Nichols Leadership Award and the Larbie Mensah Scholarship.

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to the Governor's School Foundation, a 501(C)(3) non profit organization, please click the link below to access a copy of our donation pledge form.  The form has all the information you will need, and we will mail your thank you letter, which can be used for tax purposes, to the address noted on your form.

CVGS Paper Donation Pledge Form

Online Donations:

Additional information about the CVGS Foundation, including links to annual reports and important documents, can be found on our website on the
CVGS Foundation Page