College Calculus 1 & 2

CALCULUS 1: dual enrollment MTH 263 (4 credits)
CALCULUS 2: dual enrollment MTH 264 (4 credits)

Steve Howard,
Jeff Steele,
Course Materials:  

  • Calculus of a Single Variable Textbook (4th edition), Larson, Hostetler, Edwards
  • Graphing Calculator (TI-84 Plus is recommended)

Course Description:  This course covers two semesters of college calculus.  Students will earn 4 credits per semester through Central Virginia Community College.  The course will cover material including limits, differentiation, applications of differentiation, integration, applications of integration, differential equations, integration techniques, and infinite series.  Students will be expected to be prepared for each class section by reading applicable chapters ahead of class and completing assignments on time.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and get help both in and out of class.