CVGS Governing Board

The CVGS Governing Board is the policy making body of the Governor's School program. The Board has five voting members, one from each of the five participating school divisions. The voting members of the CVGS Governing Board serve on the School Boards of their respective school divisions. Non-voting members of the CVGS Governing Board include the five school division advocates, the CVGS Director and Program Coordinator, and the Superintendent-in-Charge.

Each policy in the CVGS Policy Manual has been approved by the CVGS Governing Board. Please refer to the menu items listed below to call up specific sections of the CVGS Policy Manual. The revision dates for each policy are listed at the end of the policy itself.  

Questions related to the CVGS Policy Manual should be emailed to the Director of the Central Virginia Governor's School for Science and Technology, Dr. Stephen Smith, at

The CVGS Governing Board's next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 1, at 1pm here in room 106 of the Governor's School. The agenda for that meeting can be found HERE one week prior to the meeting.

The minutes of the CVGS Governing Board's meetings can be found at the links below.